Macy's Mens Ideology Campaign

ID Men is a brand NEW athletic clothing line being launched by the iconic Macy’s department store and online retailer. This line of clothing is a collection of on-trend, high performance, moisture wicking shirts, shorts and weather resistant pants and jackets that are all meant to withstand continuous workouts and many washing/drying cycles. Macy’s Merchandising Group (MMG), the division within Macy’s who is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the actual clothing line, has partnered with HYFN (pronounced hy-fen), a digital marketing agency, to create the launch campaign.In mid-January 2017 ID Men is launching in select stores and online at, and as part of the launch campaign, we are searching for talent we like to refer to as common men who can achieve uncommon physical feats. They are real people who excel at and have a passion for fitness, but also balance their passion with real life (i.e. a job, a family, etc.). The campaign is titled “Accepting All Athletes,” so our goal is to make people feel like ID Men is an inclusive brand for me rather than a giant brand (i.e. Nike, UA) for the elite. We are excited to feature emerging stars within the new fitness revolution of obstacle racing, crossfit, ultra running, etc. as well as the core traditional sports, and allow them to become the face and voice of this campaign.

Manifesto: Even when you’re not being paid to play a sport, you’re an athlete if you have a drive to compete and make fitness a daily habit and want to get better and stronger. It’s not the check mark on your shorts, it’s the hours in the gym and the days training rain or shine. That commitment makes you a competitor. The tough mudders, the crossfit trainers, the guys getting back on a gym regimen. Your physical ideology is based on time, effort and sweat. And what you wear to push hard towards a new goal is something you can sweat in and wear out, not show off.

ECD- Scott Mallone
Art Director- Anthony Ruba
Producer- Stephen Prescott
Studio- Paragon
Talent Coordination- Kisha Madrid

Talent: Redmond Ramos, Isaiah Rivera & Joe Moravsky